Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Vein removal?

Both men and women are bothered by the appearance of body and facial spider veins. In the past electrocautery has been used to treat these veins but this modality often resulted in intolerable pain and sometimes scarring. Since the advent of lasers, the Nd:YAG has been used for the treatment of unwanted small and large veins up to 4 mm in thickness and a few treatments may be required to achieve an acceptable level of improvement.

What areas of the skin surface can be treated?

Virtually any area of the body that bothers you can be treated including facial areas such as around the nose and eyes, the mouth, cheeks and chin with speed and minimal discomfort.

What desired results can be expected?

Often, patients find that one treatment is sufficient for their vein removal needs. However, for optimal results, multiple treatments may be necessary. If a vein goes completely away with treatment, it should not return, but occasionally the body reopens the vessel before it is completely reabsorbed or the vessel only partially responds. Because of this we recommend that most people need 1 to 2 treatments that are 4-12 weeks apart.