Hyaluronic acid is a very safe biodegradable injectable material that is used to restore structure and volume to the skin. Deep frown lines folds around the mouth, laugh lines, sunken cheeks, wrinkles and folds on the face are wiped out by injecting fillers. Fillers are also used for augmentation of the nose, brow, chin, neck, and lips.

Pre- and Post- Procedure Instructions

Avoid taking Aspirin / Ecosprin / Disprin, or any other pain killer, Vitamin E and other blood thinning drugs at least 5 days prior to the treatment. This is important to avoid any oozing from the area
Do not take steam or sauna for 7 days after the procedure
Do not massage the treated area for 1 week
Avoid exercising or lifting heavy weights for a day
Avoid threading / waxing / bleaching (parlour activities) for 15 days after the treatment
If lips are injected, do not kiss for 24 hours

Post- Procedure Symptoms

Slight bruising might occur at the injected areas, but it disappears within 3–5 days