About us


Zahra Skin and Laser Clinic has been set up and developed by Dr. Geeta J. Patel. This clinic offers a customized and holistic solution to a wide range of skin, hair and nail issues, including cosmetology problems.

It's set up in the centre of Ahmedabad, offering easy access from all parts of the city. Here each patient is given importance by the team of Zahra, led by Dr. Geeta Patel.

A consultation includes discussion with the doctor, in which the treatment is talked about, and the counselor addresses the details about it, including the benefits and the after care.

The team consists of personally trained therapists, each looking after specific procedures. The front desk consists of a soft spoken Clinic Manager, who sees to it that the things are conducted in friendly manner. Also, we have a staff to see that the appointments are handled well.

We invite you to browse through our website to see what kind of services we offer for your particular concern.